Alternative Avenue 8/12/17: Alex Napping


Alex Cohen of Alex Napping spoke on the narrative behind her new album ‘Mise En Place’, early adulthood, moving to Brooklyn, becoming a better musician, overcoming an eating disorder, upcoming projects and more on Alternative Avenue on OWWR, Old Westbury Web Radio! Check out the full interview below.

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Full show

HEATlist for 8/12/17:
1 Cry by Panda Fan
2 Shoes (The Sneaker Song) by Oso Oso
3 Brain Basher by Excecutors
4 No Horses by Garbage
5 Fresh Meat by The Van T’s
6 I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun by Beach House
7 Another Thing Coming by Dollys
8 Benadryl Dreams by Soccer Mommy
9 Lower Worlds by Rainer Maria
10 Big World by Cloakroom
11 The Evil Has Landed by Queens of The Stone Age
12 No Moonlight by Kim Gray
13 Pilot Episode by Alex Napping
14 Blaze by Zuli
15 Back In The Brain by Cones
16 Plot Devices by Minor Poet
17 Stardust by Seafang
18 Eden Machine by Trailer Trash Tracys
19 Food Porn by Miss Eaves

Alternative Avenue 4/15/17: Chain Dazey

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Chain Dazey made their OWWR debut on Alternative Avenue and spoke about their new album ‘Rawhyde’, their upcoming 4/20 show at Fatbaby NYC, methods and moods of listening to music, and more! Listen to the full show below.

Full HEATlist for 4/15/17:

1) Beach Craft Bonanza – Undecided
2) Fascinations Grand Chorus – Growing
3) Flasher – Burn Blue
4) Royal Blood – Lights Out
5) White Reaper – Little Silver Cross
6) Misty Mountains – Strider
7) Ratboys – Control
8) Chastity Belt – Caught In A Lie
9) Slowdive – She Calls
10) The Courtneys – Minnesota
11) Gems -Poison
12) Chain Dazey – Copy Cat
13) Fox Hollow – June
14) Appalachian Apollo – Greeted By Bullets
15) YI – Not So Dead
16) Skating Polly – Hail Mary
17) Girlpool – It Gets More Blue
18) Those Lavender Whales – Lose My Mind
19) Ruckzuck – J Walking
20) Ty Segall – Freedom

Photos by Smiley Arriaga