Alternative Avenue 5/13/17: Fox Hollow

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Mike Themistocleous, guitarist and lead singer of Long Island’s Fox Hollow, stopped by Alternative Avenue on OWWR to talk gender norms, getting black out drunk at a party, playing shows for charity, and their debut EP “The Dream Reel” and more! Listen below for a Mothers Day weekend celebration of Moms in Rock, a Montreal mix, and new music from Beach Craft Bonanza, GEMS, Girlpool, Daddy Issues, and more!

Photos by Smiley Arriaga 

HEATlist for 5/13/17:

1) Colour Wheel – Nowhere To Run
2) Heat – Long Time Coming
3) Eliza – She Is God
4) Lovehoney – Devil Woman
5) The Distillers – Desperate
6) Alex Napping – You’ve Got Me
7) Girlpool – Powerplant
8) ViceVersa – Love The Way
9) Snowball II – Resident Of The United States
10) The Stone Roses – All Across The Sands
11) Wavves – No Shade
12) Beach Craft Bonanza – Attitude Adjustment
13) GEMS – Forgive Me
14) LA Takedown – L.A. Blue
15) Big Walnuts Yonder – Raise The Drawbridges?
16) Cuzins The Band – Chemicals
17) Fox Hollow – Tennessee Whiskey
18) Daddy Issues – High Street
19) Benjamin Booker – Right On You
20) Romantic States – Ronnie
21) Little Club – Breating Space
22) Medicine Fish – Aint That The Story (Live @ Portside Bar and Grill 5/1/17)
23) Rev. Sekou – In Times Like These
24) Mutoid Man – Kiss Of Death
25) Dan Auerbach – King Of A One Horse Town
26) Ty Segall – Manipulator


Alternative Avenue 5/6/17: Ruckzuck DJ Set

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Ruckzuck returned to Alternative Avenue on OWWR for a third time to kick off their ‘Back To The Warmth’ Tour with a DJ set to remember! Listen in for new music from Alex Napping, Rev. Sekou, Blondie, and Colour Wheel. There’s also some rare Cocteau Twins, more live music from Medicine Fish, and we got to know Yankee Longstraw!

HEATlist for 5/7/17:

  • 1 Jan 10 by Ruckzuck
  • 2 Supermoon by Rorie Kelly
  • 3 Winter by Beach Craft Bonanza
  • 4 One Way Down by Colour Wheel
  • 5 Mother Nature by Guilty Giraffe
  • 6 Skin Shells by Wilding
  • 7 Kookaburra by Cocteau Twins
  • 8 Another Day by White Reaper
  • 9 Gravity by Blondie
  • 10 Twisted by Potty Mouth
  • 11 Nothings Changed by Yankee Longstraw
  • 12 Get Used To It by Alex Napping
  • 13 Resist by Rev Sekou
  • 14 Ease Your Mind (Live from 89 North 1/26/17) by Medicine Fish

Ruckzuck Selections:

  • 16 What Goes On? by The Velvet Underground
  • 17 Are You Experienced? by Jimi Hendrix
  • 18 Wots…Uh The Deal by Pink Floyd
  • 19 Firebird by White Noise
  • 20 Dead Finks Don’t Talk by Brian Eno
  • 21 I Could Only See Clouds by Electric Wurms
  • 22 Feel Flows by Beach Boys
  • 23 Sand by Phish
  • 24 The Crunge by Led Zeppelin
  • 25 I Want More by Can 

Photos by Smiley Arriaga 

Alternative Avenue 4/29/17: Zach and Heather of Nonsense Humor Magazine

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Heather and Zach of Nonsense Humor Magazine dropped by Alternative Avenue on OWWR this week to talk about the future of Nonsense, the challenge of comedic writing, the 2017 Princeton University Intercollegiate Humor Confrence, and more! Listen in also for some new music from Anna Altman, WALL, Wilding, live music from The White Stripes, some rare Echo and The Bunnymen, and we got to know a Brooklyn punk band on the rise!

Photos by Smiley Arriaga

Alternative Avenue 1/28/17: The Regrettes


LA quartet, The Regrettes called in today to talk about their debut album ‘Feel Your Feelings Fool!’, signing to Warner Bros., being patronized, repetitiveness of modern pop music, and more! There’s new music from Ty Segall, No Joy, White Reaper, and Ruckzuck for you as well! Listen below:

This week’s HEATlist:

Steve and The Not Steves – Modern Art
Sharp Violet – New York
QTY – Rodeo
Ruckzuck – Alan’s Garden
Astronauto – Close or Far
Priests – Lelia 20
Yo La Tengo – The Bi-sexual Boogie
Heat – Cold Hard Morning
The Regrettes – I Don’t Like You
White Reaper – Judy French
Calfish – Autobiography #4
Leapling – Just To Hear You Say
Heavy Traffic – Medicated Fool
Saylavees – Too Far Gone
Real Estate – Darling
Angelica Garcia – Woman I’m Hollerin’
Ty Segall – The Only One
Crystal Fairy – Crystal Fairy
No Joy – Califone
Corruption Culture – Manipulate (Live from Phase 1 Studio 1/20/17)