The Lounge Cast 6/16/17: Astronauto III

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Astronauto made his historic third appearance on The Lounge Cast on Radio Free Brooklyn and this time, he brought vinyl records to spin! The Long Island one man band also talked about his recent tour, upcoming shows and if there will be an Astronauto III!

Photos by Smiley Arriaga

The Lounge Cast Pot Luck Dinner 5/26/17: Answering Machine


The Lounge Cast took over the Radio Free Brooklyn Pot Luck Dinner with Brooklyn rising punks, Answering Machine! They gave their definition of Pop Punk, playing benefit shows, their music getting featured on compilations and more!

Pot Luck Dinner HEATlist 5/26/17)

1) Stadium Dreams by Answering Machine
2) End Times by Roya
3) Flavor of Doom by Medium Mystic
4) Doubt In My Mind by Katie Buchanan
5) Out Worn by Soccer Mommy
6) Howl by Dion Lunadon
7) Corrupter by Eliza
8) Gimme More by IYEZ
9) I Am a Grandiose Romantic Gesture by The Black Black
10) GMOs by Top Nachos
11) Boring Girls by Daddy Issues
12) Barn Rag by Medicine Fish

The Lounge Cast 5/19/17: Lovehoney & Journalism

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The Lounge Cast kicked off Season 5 of Radio Free Brooklyn with two New York greats, Lovehoney & Journalism! Lovehoney talked their recent TV appearance, the RFB Season 5 showcase, recording a new EP and more! Journalism talked their summer tour, playing Rough Trade with Alex Lahey, recording with Vagabon and more!

HEATlist for 5/19/17

Lovehoney Selections

  • Mr. Big by Free
  • I Got a Right by Iggy & The Stooges
  • Ceremony by New Order
  • Dream by Love
  • Blue Orchid (Live) by The White Stripes
  • 60 Feat Tall by The Dead Weather

Peter A’s ONLY Selection

  • Out of Touch by Fruit & Flowers

Journalism Selections

  • The Embers by Vagabon
  • Love Won’t Last Forever by Rock Eupora
  • Mr. Director by Operator Music Band
  • Blacky Joe by P.R.O
  • Fall on Me by Kitten
  • Oh Lord I’m Confused by Bueno
  • In Between by Surf Rock Is Dead               

Photos by Smiley Arriaga

The Lounge Cast 5/5/17


Listen in on The Lounge Cast on Radio Free Brooklyn for some new music from Thrilldriver, Palehound, Answering Machine, WALL, Sharkmuffin and more!

HEATlist for 5/5/17:

  • 1 Coffee by Alexander F
  • 2 If U C My Enemies by Rubblebucket
  • 3 Backhanded Manly Manaroni by Pink Mexico
  • 4 All The Kids by Thrilldriver
  • 5 Flowing Over by Palehound
  • 6 New York Town by Holly Overton with Midnight People
  • 7 Leather Gloves by Sharkmuffin
  • 8 Last Girl by Soccer Mommy
  • 9 Ornament by QTY
  • 10 Wounded at War by WALL
  • 11 Ww.Calm by Cal Fish
  • 12 Wallow by Answering Machine
  • 13 Soft Palm by Sip
  • 14 Statue Sea by A Deer A Horse
  • 15 Owl by Menace Beach
  • 16 Waffles by Frankenblazer

The Lounge Cast 4/14/17: Watergh0st

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Watergh0st stopped by The Lounge Cast on Radio Free Brooklyn to talk about attending Columbia University, having an international fan base, her thoughts on musicians calling themselves “experimental” and more! There’s new music from QTY, Sharkmuffin, Roya, Pink Mexico, and more!

Full HEATlist for 4/14/17:

1) Watergh0st – I’m Sorry
2) Magana – Pages
3) Human People – Maquina
4) Eliza – Mushi-Mushi
5) Top Nachos – U Dunno Me
6) QTY – Ornament
7) Roya – Scum Rise
8) Alexander F – Swimmers
9) Sharkmuffin – Scully Is a Sharkmuffin
10) Thick – Are You with Me?
11) Soft Fangs – Sugerblood
12) Pink Mexico – Backhanded Manly Manaroni
13) A Deer A Horse – Backswimmer

Photos by Smiley Arriaga

The Lounge Cast 2/3/17: Love Again


The Love Again edition of The Lounge Cast on Radio Free Brooklyn came in three phases; songs of sex, falling in love and kissing. Listen below.

Songs of Sex:
1) Death From Above 1979 – Sexy Results
2) Sad13 – Get A Yes
3) Mitski – A Loving Feeling
4) The Arcs – Come & Go
5) The Raveonettes – Little Animal
6) Tancred – Poise

Songs of Falling in Love
7) Beck – Think I’m In Love
8) Honeyblood – Love Is A Disease
9) Jack White – Would You Fight For My Love
10) Public Access T.V.. – In Love and Alone

11) The Black Keys – If You See Me
12) She-Devils – I Wanna Touch You

Songs of Kissing
13) The Vaselines – Mouth To Mouth
14) Daddy Issues – Veronica
15) The Prettiots – Kiss Me Kinski

16) Queens of the Stone Age – Ode To Clarissa