Alternative Avenue 6/3/17: Palehound


Ellen Kempner of Palehound stopped by Alternative Avenue on OWWR to geek out about Sacred Paws, queer artists, Boston bands, DMV troubles, Bobs Burgers, and their upcoming album ‘A Place I’ll Always Go’! Listen in for new music from Long Island locals, Frankenblazer and Beach Craft Bonanza; as well as new Foo Fighters, She Devils, Deadbeat Club, Benjamin Booker, and more!

1) Blackout! by Frankenblazer
2) Closed Casket by Beach Craft Bonanza
3) Nose Job by Answering Machine
4) Motivation by Benjamin Booker
5) Used To Spend by Chastity Belt
6) Tangerine by Beach Fossils
7) Meat Of Contract by Speedy Ortiz
8) Whether Terrified Or Unafraid by ’68
9) Mad Girls Love Song by Deadbeat Club
10) Deadcrush by Alt-J
11) Honey by Pumarosa
12) Catastrophe by Hollow Everdaze
13) Make You Pay by She Devils
14) Drawn To You by Hoop
15) Flowing Over by Palehound
16) Shave The Pride by Le Butcherettes
17) Smut by Foresterr
18) Melt Your Mind by Mutoid Man
19 Run by Foo Fighters
20 Half Asleep by Korey Dane
21 Please Come Save Me by The Parson Red Heads

The Lounge Cast 4/28/17: Holly Overton

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Holly Overton has a new album with Midnight People coming May 4th and she stopped by The Lounge Cast to debut a new song EXCLUSIVELY for Radio Free Brooklyn! She also approved/disprove of my organ themed playlist! Listen below.

  • 1 Tonight by MJT
  • 2 All You Ever Wanted by The Black Keys
  • 3 Young by The Arcs
  • 4 I Love You Still by Molly Burch
  • 5 No Matter Who by Margaret Glaspy
  • 6 Leather Jacket by Thunderbitch
  • 7 The Hitch Hiker by Le Butcherettes
  • 8 Summer of Love by Holly Overton with Midnight People
  • 9 Airport Bar by Martin Courtney
  • 10 Chippewa by Benjamin Booker
  • 11 Keep on Lying by Tame Impala

Photos by Smiley Arriaga

Alternative Avenue 4/29/17: Zach and Heather of Nonsense Humor Magazine

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Heather and Zach of Nonsense Humor Magazine dropped by Alternative Avenue on OWWR this week to talk about the future of Nonsense, the challenge of comedic writing, the 2017 Princeton University Intercollegiate Humor Confrence, and more! Listen in also for some new music from Anna Altman, WALL, Wilding, live music from The White Stripes, some rare Echo and The Bunnymen, and we got to know a Brooklyn punk band on the rise!

Photos by Smiley Arriaga

The Lounge Cast 4/21/17: IYEZ

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IYEZ stopped by The Lounge Cast on Radio Free Brooklyn to talk about releasing new music soon, memories of Shea Stadium (NOT THE FORMER METS STADIUM), playing Phuzz Fest, and the evolution of the New York music community.

HEATlist for 4/21/17:

IYEZ – Gimme More

Agent Bla – Derogatory Embrace

Holly Overton – Good Lies

Dion Lunadon – Howl

Anna Altman – American Gothic

Bernice – Talking About Her

Girlpool – It Gets More Blue

Rorie Kelly – Face Not In The Crowd

Real Life Buildings – No News

Misty Mountains – The Faces

Photos by Smiley Arriaga 

The Lounge Cast 4/14/17: Watergh0st

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Watergh0st stopped by The Lounge Cast on Radio Free Brooklyn to talk about attending Columbia University, having an international fan base, her thoughts on musicians calling themselves “experimental” and more! There’s new music from QTY, Sharkmuffin, Roya, Pink Mexico, and more!

Full HEATlist for 4/14/17:

1) Watergh0st – I’m Sorry
2) Magana – Pages
3) Human People – Maquina
4) Eliza – Mushi-Mushi
5) Top Nachos – U Dunno Me
6) QTY – Ornament
7) Roya – Scum Rise
8) Alexander F – Swimmers
9) Sharkmuffin – Scully Is a Sharkmuffin
10) Thick – Are You with Me?
11) Soft Fangs – Sugerblood
12) Pink Mexico – Backhanded Manly Manaroni
13) A Deer A Horse – Backswimmer

Photos by Smiley Arriaga

Alternative Avenue 4/15/17: Chain Dazey

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Chain Dazey made their OWWR debut on Alternative Avenue and spoke about their new album ‘Rawhyde’, their upcoming 4/20 show at Fatbaby NYC, methods and moods of listening to music, and more! Listen to the full show below.

Full HEATlist for 4/15/17:

1) Beach Craft Bonanza – Undecided
2) Fascinations Grand Chorus – Growing
3) Flasher – Burn Blue
4) Royal Blood – Lights Out
5) White Reaper – Little Silver Cross
6) Misty Mountains – Strider
7) Ratboys – Control
8) Chastity Belt – Caught In A Lie
9) Slowdive – She Calls
10) The Courtneys – Minnesota
11) Gems -Poison
12) Chain Dazey – Copy Cat
13) Fox Hollow – June
14) Appalachian Apollo – Greeted By Bullets
15) YI – Not So Dead
16) Skating Polly – Hail Mary
17) Girlpool – It Gets More Blue
18) Those Lavender Whales – Lose My Mind
19) Ruckzuck – J Walking
20) Ty Segall – Freedom

Photos by Smiley Arriaga

The Lounge Cast 3/31/17: Magana

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Brooklyn songstress Magana talked astrology, shooting a My Little Pony convention, St. Vincent, her latest EP, and what do about smooth talkers on the latest edition of The Lounge Cast on Radio Free Brooklyn!

HEATlist of 3/31

Magana – Pages

Big Bliss – Old Guard

IYEZ – Purity

Fruit and Flowers – Turquoise

SeepeopleS – Just Like Animals

Phantom Spaceman – Those Things’ll Kill Ya

Medicine Fish – Death and Disco (Dancehall on Fire)

Pink Mexico – Tribal Tats

Anna Altman – The Interview

Agent Bla – Strand

Photos by Smiley Arriaga