The Lounge Cast 7/21/17: Strawberry Runners

Emi Night of Strawberry Runners stopped by The Lounge Cast on Radio Free Brooklyn to talk her recent move to New York from Denver, her upcoming album, working with artists long distance and more! There’s also new music from Grim Streaker, Weeping Icon, and Sharkmuffin if you listen closely.

HEATlist from 7/21/17:

1) Guerilla Toss – Betty Dreams of Green Men
2) Fascinations Grand Chorus – Wait
3) Horse Girl – Alright
4) Sharkmuffin – Where’s My Mimosa?
5) Wanna – New You
6) Dion Lunadon – Howl
7) Grim Streaker – Tina’s
8) Ritual Humor – Leopard Song
9) Magana – Inches Apart
10) Strawberry Runners – When We Were Good
11) Parlor Walls – The Key
12) Weeping Icon – 7


The Lounge Cast 7/14/17: Heavy Traffic

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Ian & Tav of Brooklyn psych-doom outfit Heavy Traffic stopped by The Lounge Cast on Radio Free Brooklyn to talk their ‘Plastic Surgery’ album, standing out among other doom inspired bands, Santa Cruz vs Brooklyn, and more! Listen below.

HEATlist for 7/14/17:

Potty Mouth – Smash Hit
Daddy Issues – Dog Years
Sacred Paws – Wet Graffiti
Weeping Icon – Germs
Saylavees – Too Far Gone
Grim Streaker – Freak Show
Psychic Twin – Lose Myself
A Place to Bury Strangers – Ocean
Heavy Traffic – Medicated Bed
METZ – Cellophane
Strawberry Runners – Hatcher Creek

Photos by Smiley Arriaga