The Lounge Cast 6/23/17: Jenny Tuite of Dirty Dishes

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Jenny Tuite of Dirty Dishes talked driving in a blizzard, new music, side projects, and playing SXSW. Plus, new music from Thrilldriver, Soccer Mommy, Fruit and Flowers and more on the latest edition of The Lounge Cast on Radio Free Brooklyn!

HEATlist for 6/23/17:

1 Subway Surfer by Fruit and Flowers
2 Arrested Development by The Black Black
3 One – Fourteen by Answering Machine
4 One Shot by Thrilldriver
5 Plastic Surgery by Heavy Traffic
6 Afraid of The Mirror by Pill
7 Rich Kid by Roya
8 Jail Billz by Weeping Icon
9 Sentiment by Dirty Dishes
10 Allison by Soccer Mommy
11 Everyone’s The Same by A Place To Bury Strangers

Photos by Smiley Arriaga


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