The Lounge Cast 4/14/17: Watergh0st

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Watergh0st stopped by The Lounge Cast on Radio Free Brooklyn to talk about attending Columbia University, having an international fan base, her thoughts on musicians calling themselves “experimental” and more! There’s new music from QTY, Sharkmuffin, Roya, Pink Mexico, and more!

Full HEATlist for 4/14/17:

1) Watergh0st – I’m Sorry
2) Magana – Pages
3) Human People – Maquina
4) Eliza – Mushi-Mushi
5) Top Nachos – U Dunno Me
6) QTY – Ornament
7) Roya – Scum Rise
8) Alexander F – Swimmers
9) Sharkmuffin – Scully Is a Sharkmuffin
10) Thick – Are You with Me?
11) Soft Fangs – Sugerblood
12) Pink Mexico – Backhanded Manly Manaroni
13) A Deer A Horse – Backswimmer

Photos by Smiley Arriaga


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