The Lounge Cast 3/24/17: The Black Black


Jonathan Daily of The Black Black stopped by The Lounge Cast on Radio Free Brooklyn to inform all of us of his new T-Shirt/EP ‘Adusted II’. Listen closely as we debut a piece of it and talk about filming videos on the subway!

Photos by Smiley Arriaga 


  • 1 Arrested Development by The Black Black
  • 2 Space Glow by Sharkmuffin
  • 3 A Sickness by Roya
  • 4 High Ratings by Wall
  • 5 It Just Hits You by Journalism
  • 6 Tomorrow Is Yesterday by Field Mouse
  • 7 Last Girl by Soccer Mommy
  • 8 Ticker Tape by Laura Stevenson
  • 9 Times Be Short by Beech Creeps
  • 10 Fire by Dion Lunadon
  • 11 Sour Look by The Glazzies

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