The Lounge Cast 2/3/17: Love Again


The Love Again edition of The Lounge Cast on Radio Free Brooklyn came in three phases; songs of sex, falling in love and kissing. Listen below.

Songs of Sex:
1) Death From Above 1979 – Sexy Results
2) Sad13 – Get A Yes
3) Mitski – A Loving Feeling
4) The Arcs – Come & Go
5) The Raveonettes – Little Animal
6) Tancred – Poise

Songs of Falling in Love
7) Beck – Think I’m In Love
8) Honeyblood – Love Is A Disease
9) Jack White – Would You Fight For My Love
10) Public Access T.V.. – In Love and Alone

11) The Black Keys – If You See Me
12) She-Devils – I Wanna Touch You

Songs of Kissing
13) The Vaselines – Mouth To Mouth
14) Daddy Issues – Veronica
15) The Prettiots – Kiss Me Kinski

16) Queens of the Stone Age – Ode To Clarissa


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