Alternative Avenue 1/21/17: Deadbeat Club


Deadbeat Club called in from West Coast this week on Alternative Avenue to talk about playing house shows, getting lost on the desert, recording a new 7 inch and more! Along with a great conversation with the Northampton, Massachusetts trio, this HEATer of playlist came with it:

Fruit and Flowers – Turquoise
Temples – Stranger Or Be Forgotten
The Regrettes – Seashore
Astronauto – Questioning Answers
Casanova – Red #40
Sharp Violet – Black Widow
Alabama Shakes – Pocket Change
Boytoy – Want
Gods – New Future
No Ice – Leave Her Alone
Leapling – Your Garden Grows
QTY – World Breaker
Steve and The Not Steves – Modern Art
Frankenblazer – Couple of Daze
Starbenders – Down & Out
Priests – Nicki
Wyldlife – Teenage Heart
Pet Milk – Ostalgia
Heat – Lush
Ron Gallo – Put The Kids To Bed
Beech Creeps – Teenage Boogie (Live from WFMU)


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